Kids Who Drink Water Fare Well In Exams

Water may be very much beneficial to kids during exams. A new research by the University of East London showed that kids who drink water fare better in exams. Researchers from the University say that drinking water may improve cognitive performance in kids and keep them less distracted during exams.

Drinking water is extremely beneficial as every system in the human body depends on it. Water performs important functions such as flushing out toxins, carrying nutrients to cells, and digestion etc. Kids who are physically active and out in warm weather need to more drink water to compensate the water loss.

The Research By University of East London:

The researchers from the University of East London studied about 60 boys and girls. These kids were divided into two equal groups. During the study, one group was given 250 ml of water. After 20 minutes, the kids were subjected to a number of tests

  • The first test involved finding the differences between two cartoons. This test assessed the kids’ visual attention and memory. Kids who drank water scored 34% better than the kids who did not.
  • In a more difficult version of the test, kids who drank water scored 23% better.
  • In a test which involved crossing out specified letters in a sequence of letters, kids who drank water scored 11% better
  • In tests which assessed short-term memory, both the groups fared the same

Why do Kids Who Drink Water Fare Well In Exams?

Researchers opine that water keeps the brain cells hydrated and this may help in smooth flow of information between the brain cells. They also feel that kids who drink water are distracted during exams. Overall water helps kids in exams by improving their cognitive function

Water is extremely beneficial for kids, not only during exams but during their day-to-day life. This should encourage parents to make sure their kids drink enough water daily

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