Family Ties Reduce Suicide Risk Among Young Adults

Young adults consider peer relationships as all important and bank on them to provide emotional support. However, according to a new research ( which is going to be presented at a meeting in American Association of Suicidology), adolescents and young adults are less likely to have suicidal thoughts if they have strong family support or a romantic partner.

Researchers opine that peer support cannot replace family support. Depressed adolescents of 18 to 19 years of age felt that parents and family members are less judgmental and more supporting during the times of crisis when compared to their peers. Regardless of their peer relationship, family bonds were helpful in reducing suicidal tendencies among them.

In this study,  it has been observed that adolescents and young adults who suffer from high depression or who have attempted suicide tend to entertain engage in suicidal thinking one or two years later. However, during this time, if they have strong family support or a partner whom they can bank on, they are less likely to be suicidal.

Family bonds provide a safety net against suicidal tendencies amongst young adults. By family bonding, the researchers mean the ability to share important issues and spend time with the family. This study suggests that family plays an important role in preventing suicides among young adults. According to James Mazza, University of Washington, Parents should not give up on their adolescents because our work indicates they still rely on them in this kind of situation.

This study took the data from National Institute of Drug Abuse, a 15-year old study of the youth of Seattle area. This research should encourage parents and family members to provide the adolescents much needed support and assurance during times of depression.

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