What is Attachment Parenting?

Attachment parenting is an approach in which parents are highly attentive and responsive to the baby. This style has basic guidelines, which are aimed at building emotional and physical closeness between the parent and the baby. Parents can adopt these guidelines and develop their own parenting style.

Attachment parenting, which was coined by pediatrician William Sears, has 7 basic guidelines or tools. These tools can help in knowing your baby better and responding to the baby in the best way possible.

The 7B’s Of Attachment Parenting:

Following are the 7B’s of attachment parenting:

  • Bonding:

    Holding the baby in the first week’s of life promotes the biological attachment. It can also bring out the mother’s caregiving qualities

  • Breastfeeding:

    Breastfeeding helps the mother to know the baby better and keeps the baby healthy

  • Babywearing: 

    Babywearing – carrying the baby by the parents helps them to grow close to the baby

  • Bedding:

    Sleeping close to the baby helps parents to reconnect with the baby during the night

  • Belief in the value of baby’s cry:

    When parents respond to the baby’s cry, it promotes trust and makes them more responsive to the needs of the baby

  • Beware:

    Parents should be careful of extreme parenting styles which are rigid, schedule-based, which can distance the mother and the baby

  • Balance:

    As caring for the baby can be demanding, parents should strike a balance between baby care and marriage

Attachment parenting is supposed to be an approach /tool which can help in building your own parenting style. It should not be taken as a set of rules. Adopting the tools of attachment parenting is a great way to start a parent-child relationship.

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