How to Prevent Sibling Fighting?

Kids usually fight during the play or the times when they are required to share things between themselves. Sibling fighting may start from a simple disagreement and progress to an argument and a fight. Parents often try desperately to do justice between the two siblings and end up themselves frustrated.

Sibling fighting may be cause a lot of distress to parents, but it can enable kids to develop social and negotiation skills. So, the best step a parent can take is to enable kids to sort out the differences themselves. The parent should act as guide, but should not try to establish who is at fault.

It is also required for the parent to set up some house rules to stop sibling fighting. Rules such as no hitting and no yelling, can help kids to know how they are supposed to behave.

Parents should remember that to avoid sibling jealousy and rivalry, each child should be given attention, time and love. Comparing each child with another should be strictly avoided.

How to Prevent Sibling Fighting?

Here are a few tips to prevent sibling fighting:

  • Sympathize:

    A parent should sympathize and should listen to both the sides when the siblings fight. The realization that someone is present to listen to their problems can calm them down.

  • Let the Kids Sort Out the Problem:

    Parents should show confidence that their kids would be able to sort the problem. When kids are allowed to resolve things among themselves, they stop fighting to get parents’ attention . Instead they learn how to solve problems

  • Step in whenever necessary:

    If the fighting gets out of hand, parents should intervene and separate the kids. The siblings should be given time out and asked to go to separate rooms.. Eventually, they may calm down on their own

Parents can also prevent sibling fights by giving kids a set of toys, belongings and space, along with things to share among themselves. During free time, kids can be taught the value of sharing and negotiation skills.

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