Peer-Pressure And Alcohol Habit Among Teens

Teens take up many habits as they grow due to the influence of their friends. Peer pressure may influence a teen’s music, dresses, hobbies and the friends they choose. Teens generally fall prey to alcohol habit because they view it as a way to be accepted among friends. Support, warmth, independence are some of benefits which peer-pressure may offer. Parents can play an important role to prevent the influence of peer pressure on alcohol habit formation among teens.

While coming under peer-pressure, teens do not realize the ill-effects of alcohol and its long-term consequences. Since alcohol is readily available, teens do not feel any hinderance towards taking up this habit. Hopefully, an open discussion about the dangers of alcoholism by parents with their teens can help them to overcome the peer pressure.

Preventing Peer Pressure –Alcohol Habit Among Teens:

Here are  a few ways parents can help their teens to overcome peer-pressure in taking up alcohol:

  • Discuss with your teen the ill-effects of alcohol and clearly explain that why it is not acceptable to take up this habit. Teens who know their parents do not approve of taking alcohol are more likely to show restraint
  • Support your teen and convey that you are there to discuss anything which is bothering him/her
  • Guide your teen towards healthy friendships. Friends who do not take up alcohol or other drugs can provide a positive peer-pressure to your child
  • Make sure your teen has better things to do, such as playing sports, taking up music, extra-curicullar activities
  • Teach your teen ways to get rid of stress and anger in positive ways –by sharing with other friends, by taking up hobbies etc.
  • Teach your teen ways to say no when he/she is offered a drink

Parents need to teach ways to say no to alcohol rather than simply saying to resist the habit. Peer-pressure and alcohol habit among teens are closely tied. Setting clear boundaries, proper counseling, and good friends can help teens to stay free of this habit.

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