Toy Storage Ideas

One or more kids in a house – and the room can become messy with toys. Parents often have a tough time clearing up the toys,  only to have them strewn around later. Toys come in all shapes and sizes and organizing them properly can make the toy storing job easy. Proper toy storage ideas can enable kids to get the toys and store the toys easily.

Removing old, unused toys

Removing old, unused toys can get rid of a lot of clutter and save space. Take an inventory of the existing toys and separate the old, broken or unused toys –which can be disposed later. Stuffed toys can be washed and others can be cleaned with a cloth.

Toy Storage Ideas:

Toy storage boxes and toy storage cabinet or chests come in various colors, sizes and varieties. Plastic storage boxes or plastic bins are the lightweight and good way to store toys. Transparent bins are better as they give a better view of toys. Labeling the bins is recommended as they help you to organize the toys in a better way.  Colored bins can also help you to organize toys by putting a set of toys into a particular colored bin. Plastic storage toys also come with a light lid which can keep the toys from dust.

Wooden storage boxes are stable, tough and painted with wood finish or other colors. These boxes, however, can cause injuries to toddlers due to their tough material.

While buying toy storage boxes, instead of buying big boxes, purchase small, medium and large boxes. Large toys can go into bigger boxes, while medium and small toys can go into their respective boxes.

While putting the toy boxes in your child’s room, make sure you keep it where it is easily accessible to the child. Teaching the child occasionally about organizing the toys can help him/her to be organized and the room would be clean and attractive.

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