How Not To Be Pushy Parents?

Kids along with academics are now having packed schedules, thanks to pushy parents. Music classes, sports, swimming lessons are scheduled by parents only to leave their kids tired and exhausted. Research shows that pushy parents can leave kids hyperactive at the end of the day – make it difficult for them to fall asleep.

Pushy parents are the ones who hover around their children, determine their schedules and choose when they should play and when they should not. Extra-curicullar activities may be beneficial, but cramming too many of them can lead to fatigue. Lack of free play time can also curb the kid’s decision making skills, imaginations and social skills

Kids are also burdened with the heightened expectations of parents. Failure of any form is severely reprimanded. This can lead to anxiety and burden at an early stage of life.

How Not To Be a Pushy Parent?

Parents should strike a balance between guiding their kids and giving them responsibility. They should avoid helping them around all the time and give them time to learn things. Giving small responsibilties to the kids without checking them can be beneficial.

Parents should avoid reprimanding their kids if they are do not perform. Putting high expectations on them can place a heavy burden on them. Instead, parents should gently guide and encourage them to perform.

Tight schedules for kids can also overburden them. Hence, parents should make sure their kids have play time and time to rest during the day. Extra-curicullar activities should not burden them. A concerned parent is most likely to be pushy, but giving kids freedom and time can help them to develop social and intellectual skills.

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