Authoritarian Parenting : Why It Does Not Work?

An authoritarian parent uses force and control to make children obey the rules. The focus is on rules and code of conduct. The children may have little or less freedom to choose what they want. Not following the rules might be met with punishment or a scolding. In spite of the short term gains the authoritarian parenting offers, it can negatively impact kids in the long-term.

Kids with authoritarian parents may describe them as strict and with high expectations. Their behavior of the kids is monitored and forceful measures are used to ensure compliance. An authoritarian parenting is an inflexible form of parenting which can bring up rebellious kids.

Authoritarian Parenting : Why It Does Not Work?

Authoritarian parenting does not work due to the following reasons:

  • An authoritarian parent can enforce rules when children are in school. However, when they grow up, they are less likely to obey the rules. They might even rebel against parents
  • A child brought up under strict parenting is less likely to have less freedom. The child may seek freedom in the wrong way  – for example, by taking up smoking
  • The children of authoritarian parents would have less ability to think for themselves. When kids grow up, they may find it difficult to take decisions as they were taught to follow the rules

An authoritarian parent can bring up a child who would in turn become a permissive parent. A permissive parent pampers and gives excessive approval to the child. Both authoritarian and permissive parenting are extreme styles of parenting. A proper balance between the two is needed – a loving parent who guides their children and sets boundaries for them in a loving way.

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