How To Deal With a Rebellious Teen?

Teenage is a stage of transition where many parents may find that their kids are becoming rebellious. Peer influences, new found freedom, strict rules are some of the reasons a teen may become rebellious. Rebellion often shuts down the communication between the parent and the child. However, it is important to remember that communicating your concerns is very important to deal with a rebellious teen.

Rebellious Teen: Causes

Here are a few causes why teens may become rebellious:

  • Authoritarian parenting with strict rules
  • Frustration/depression
  • Punishment
  • Peer pressure
  • Failure

How To Deal With a Rebellious Teen?

Here are few ways to deal with a rebellious teen

  • Know:

    Before showing your anger on your teen, it is helpful to know the reason behind the rebellion. Falling short in studies, resentment towards the parents or problems in school  can trigger resentment and rebellion and kids. Reasons big or small – finding them out gives you the right perspective and would help you to speak to your teen

  • Talk:

    Rebellion may shut down communication and resentment builds up gradually. Hence, parents should take the initiative and talk to the teens. They may get to know a lot of things in this process. Showing empathy, attention and care may also calm down the teen

  • Explain:

    Parents should explain the reason why some of the behavior is unacceptable. They should give the reasons behind the rules. They should clearly lay down boundaries and explain them why they are put at the first place

  • Get involved:

    When parents are involved in their teens lives, they are less likely to rebel. There would be a strong parent-child bond. Parents should show interest  in their teen’s likes, dislikes, friends etc. This will help to understand and react to your teen in a better way

2 responses to How To Deal With a Rebellious Teen?

  1. In a way I slightly disagree with this. I think if my parents were more involved in my life than they are now, I’d be 10 times more frustrated. It’s bad enough they’re by me most of the time. To be honest I really don’t take a big interest in my parents (mom,dad,step-dad) at all. I would definately want to hang out with my friends or just be myself, as long as I am not with my parents. They are by far the most annoying,aggravating, depressing people to be around. I’m 15 I can’t wait until I’m out this DAMN house..!

  2. Ok, have at it! Pay your own bills, pay your own rent, car, gas, insurance, food, clothes. Try not to get so depressed when the bills start piling up and you don’t have enough money to cover them. On top of that, listen to your crybaby kid complain about you all day long. You will never be good enough for them even though you work your fingers to the bone so they can eat. Sound reasonable? Good, maybe your friends will be there to bail you out. 😉

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