Top 10 Father’s day activities for kids

Fathers Day is generally celebrated on the third Sunday of June each year. We give you the ideas to make it a memorable occasion for you and family this day.

1) Take the kids to the local zoo or museum and home-pack a lunch.
2) Enjoy a good nature trek with the children. Kids enjoy camping with their father.
3) Play Santa and bring them gifts even if it is not Christmas.
4) Play a game of monopoly of snakes and Ladders with them.
5) Take them to the fair or fun city on the town outskirts.
6) Bring home a cartoon movie. A Lion King or Jungle book would work wonders.
7) Cook for them and invite them in the kitchen to help you out with little chores. They will be delighted.
8) Organize a Father’s day in party at your place. You’d have company in your endeavors to entertain the guests as your friends are busy working on similar lines with their kids.
9) Organize a book-reading session with kids of the same age.
10) Get a ‘I love my kids’ t-shirt printed and flaunt it off. The kids will love it.


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