How to Make Your Child God-conscious

Every parent likes to give his/her child the moral and ethical values so that they grow up to be good character individuals. It is one of the biggest responsibilities of parent to see that child does not become rebellious towards God and become atheistic. For human society to run smoothly and peacefully it is of utmost important that people have moral values of religion.
Young children are like sponges. They soak up God consciousness if their surroundings promote God consciousness. The home atmosphere plays the major role to give them the impressions, often called samsakaras, and that lasts for their lives. The home atmosphere should be peaceful and God Conscious. Parents should be careful that they should not talk ill things about God or anyone for that matter.

Here are few recommendations to make your child God-Conscious:

  • To make your child God-conscious discuss the greatness of God and try to make him feel God’s presence in his heart.
  • Tell him the stories related to God when your child is going to sleep.
  • Make your child to learn Bhajans or recite Slokas from the Holy books.
  • Give him laminations or photographs of God and tell him say prayers.
  • Constantly remind him to express his gratitude to God. This will help him to be thankful to you too.
  • Tell him to say prayers before he eats anything. This will make him feel near to the God.
  • See his behavior with other children. Be careful of his association. See that he does not associate with arrogant and undisciplined children.
  • Guide your child to restrict watching television. If possible make him see God conscious movies and fiction so that he enjoys and elevates his consciousness.
  • Allow him to use his creativity in service of God. For example: If your child is a good painter tell him to paint the pictures of God. If your child is good at writing tell him to write about his understanding of God.
  • Slowly dovetail his activities to the God’s service. This will satisfy your child and also will please God who is sitting in everyone’s heart.

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