Single Fathers:

The painful  memories of a divorce is something every single father has to deal with all his life, anyways. But he draws solace from his child. His child compels him to live courageously facing all the difficulties a single father has to face. His biggest challenge is to ensure that the child is brought up in a best possible way .  This article discusses couple of such issues which single fathers face.

The Law is not in our side


If the child is born out of wedlock, the father  has no natural right over  the child. The only way to get the child is to follow the painful and costly process of applying to the court.

Take care of your health


In order to take care of your child it is logical and imperative that you stay healthy and in good spirits. Though it is tough , it ensures your child’s up bringing in a decent manner.

Feeling lonely


The situation has drastically changed over the past three years. Legal  and social organizations are accepting the fact that father can be effective as parent on their own.

Feeling helpless


There are couple of issue in parenting and especially while rising  a female child when father’s feel helpless as they can’t under the female perspective of parenting. In such situations seeking advice from mothers and sisters definitely prove handy.

Feeling of guilt


Single fathers feel guilty for putting their child to go through such tough days of childhood.  Though it is a fact, the single fathers have to come out of this guilty feeling in the larger interest of their child’s upbringing and future.

Lack of discipline


Single fathers find it hard to be strict to their children. This backfires in long run as far as the character building of the child is concerned. Sticking a balance between love and strictness is indeed a challenging task for the single fathers.

      Though single fathers provide a better life style to their children , research shows that  children raised by them are prone to suffer from emotional problems, abide by law or are mostly school drop outs.



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