Demerits of Authoritarian Parenting :

Every responsibility needs knowledge and skill, initially. Experience follows. Parenting is also a  responsibility. This article is about things which parents should never do in the name of parenting.

What is Authoritarian parenting?

Authoritarian parents bring up their child by lying emphasis on discipline , obedience , coercion and punishment. They expect  instructions to be followed word to word along with strict compliance of the set rules and limitations. Child grows without his freedom  and his voice is never heard.

Demerits of Authoritarian Parenting:

It’s a dog’s life, in short. It may sound harsh , because it is the truth. The damage done by such a type of parenting is huge on the child’s personality development in later years. Here are some of them.
• As there are no explanations for receiving punishments, the child learn things NOT to be done very clearly. But, things to be done remain to be learnt.

• They learn to be behave properly to avoid punishment. The underlying essence of behaving appropriately is neither learnt nor appreciated by the child.

• The reluctance of parents in showing connection and love towards their child, make them believe that they get expect love and affection from their parents   only when they behave properly. The love their parents is not unconditional.

• Blaming, comparisons, making the child feel guilty and shameful, make him an individual with low self-esteem in later years.

• He  lacks individuality because he hardly knew what it is like to be on one’s own.

• He is coward and feel scared to speak to people.

• In personal life, such people are introverts.

• He can never dare to explore his potentials to fullest extent and  lead a life full of compromises.
• It is natural that such frustrated people are prone to depression.

• They can never relate to their parents and loss of identity haunt them from an early age.

• Negative mindedness  of such people can compel them to enter in to anti-social activities with little respect for concepts like family, friends and   relationships.

Demerits of authoritarian parenting should not turn parents to permissive ones, who polar opposites of  authoritarian parents. When a balance is struck between love and limitations, we can ensure wholesome  development of our child.

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