Role of Emotional Empathy in Parenting

What is Emotional Empathy?

It is the ability to be sensitive to other persons feelings  and thoughts. In a general sense, it involves understanding our own emotions and being responsible for them and behave in a manner where the other person feels console in our presence.

What is the idea behind Parenting with empathy?

Parenting with empathy is based on the idea that children behave or misbehave in a particular manner only to get their a particular need or needs met. When the parents interact with the children in manner involving mutual respect and empathy , the chance to come closer to understand the needs of the children become high. The needs are met in a respectful and appropriate manner and there is no room for the child’s misbehavior.

Elements of Empathetic Parenting:

Empathetic Parenting basically involves three elements.They are Emotional ownership,Non-punitive discipline and Respect.

Emotional Ownership:

It means being responsible for our own emotions. It also most importantly involves allowing the child to feel the way he feels without convincing him to feel the other way. Absence of empathy in parenting makes it hard for the child to relate to his parents latter.

Non-punitive Discipline:

Empathetic parenting looks at discipline as a way,  a disciple is to be treated to teach him, instruct him so that there is development of his mental faculties. Non-punitive discipline do not believe in punishment because the feelings of fear  and remorse  caused by punishment crab the behavior of the child  temporarily . It do not teach the child the what to do. He instead remembers what not to do strictly.


It is something that is earned and not demanded in our daily life. Mutual respect in empathetic parenting means to make the child realize that his parents not only respect but also respect themselves and they expect same behavior from him. This develops the sense of self-respect and respect for others in the child at a very early age.

                                                      Happy Parenting !!!

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