Underage Drinking

Alcohol is the common drug among the under aged. Drinking at an early age affects the thinking and memory skills of the young people. It also affects the normal functioning of the liver. But the most harmful effect of underage drinking is that it disturbs the critical balance of the hormonal changes that take place in


. This article tries to understand the reasons behind underage drinking.

• Adolescence is a phase of life when there are many physical and emotional changes. These 

developmental changes

themselves are a cause for starting to drink.
• Adolescence phase is also characterized by seeking new experience. As a part of this nature, under aged people try drinking as means to experience

some risk taking

• Young children perceive alcohol as something negative and drinking as bad. But the shift in their perception takes place when they are in their adolescence and perceive alcohol as  a means

to seek pleasure

• The tolerance level of a developing mind is more than that of a developed mind. That is why young people consume more alcohol before they start experiencing the effects of it.

Failure of parenting

leads to alcoholism at an early age. Because young boys and girls who are aggressive, hyperactive , depressed and anxious  because of lack of proper attention of the parents, are at higher risk to start drinking at an early age.
• Parents who are in drinking themselves, allow their child to learn this bad habit early in his age.
• Company of bad friends cause the infamous

peer pressure

in the young people, compelling them to smoking and alcoholism.


  also plays a major role in adolescents to take up drinking at an early age.

The Role of Parents:

Parents are either directly responsible or held responsible by the society if their child takes in to alcoholism at an early age. There is no excuse if alcoholism is consumed by the parents themselves openly before their kids. As parents are the role models for their children , they should

set example

by giving it up or guiding their child appropriately about the ill effects of alcoholism at an early age.

Apart from that, parents should take

an initiate to interact

with their adolescent child and build trust so that he is open about his friends and social life. In this way , parents can save their child from the peer pressure. And most importantly , maintaining a congenial and happy environment at the house along with assertive parenting can protect the under aged child from drinking and other bad habits.

     Happy living !!!

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