Aggression Management in Children

It is important in parenting to learn about aggression and its management in children. This article tries to make life easy in this front.

Aggression is a behavior where there is physical or emotional injury to a person.It can be Physical or verbal.

Types of aggression:

There are four types of aggression.They are:

Accidental Aggression:

It is done without any purpose. Accidently a child hurts another child like stepping on his leg while playing.


The situation is to be diffused by explaining that it was just an accident.The wronged child should be encouraged to repair the damage.

Expressive Aggression:

It is also a type of aggression where there is no intension to hurt. It is done for the sake of fun and enjoyment. For example, activities like kicking, pounding and throwing can be regarded as exercises for the children when carried out under supervision. Otherwise, it becomes fun for one and bullying for the other child.


We should ensure that the child enjoying the pleasure continues to have it by redirecting his actions. Meanwhile we should make the situation harmless for the other child’s comfort too.

Hostile Aggression:

It is done with purpose. A child here feels pleasure in hurting another child.


It cannot be allowed or tolerated in any form. The parents should deal with such a behaviour with an iron hand.

Instrumental Aggression:

It is common among children between the age of 2 to 6. This type of aggression takes place when children struggle to gain control over objects or rights.


It provides parents an excellent opportunity to teach to their children about mediation and negotiation skills.Clarify each child’s perspective. Teach children to share things and search for alternatives. Help them arrive at a common solution and follow it.

The guidance of the parents, their experience and cognitive maturity help the children get rid off aggressive behavior over time.

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  1. Looking for some information to help a parent who has an older child accidently hurting younger siblings. Anything you can help with would be appreciated.

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