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A Son looks up to his father as his real life hero trying to imitate him from childhood. But as life takes its course, Puberty onsets, and the boy embarks on the journey of being a man. The role of fathers at this critical stage of their son’s life also changes from being a hero to a friend. Knowledge about what exactly his son is going through, helps them. This article tries to present the basic knowledge about Male Puberty, “Must-Know” for every father.

About Male Puberty:

It is the period in men’s life when he starts to develop from a boy to a man. Its onset, between the ages of 9 to 14, marks the beginning of Physical growth, Psychological changes and Sexual maturation.

How it begins?

  • Our human brain has a section called hypothalamus.It’s job is to produce a hormone called

    Gonadotropin-releasing hormone, GnRH.

  • This hormone makes the pituitary gland, present in the hypothalamus, to release a sex hormone called

    Luteinizing hormone, LH.

  • LH signals the testicles to start producing the


    . It is the male sex hormone.

  • The production of Testosterone commences the biological changes in the body.

The Changes taking place in the body are:

  • Different parts of the body grow at different rates.
  • Because of the high growth rate of the vital organs the craves for nutrition and thus the appetite abnormally changes.
  • The oil producing glands become active at this stage leading to Acne and Pimples.
  • There are changes in the voice box, Larynx and as a result the voice changes.
  • Hair growth occurs on the face,chest,belly arms, under arms, leg and mostly in the pubic region as the outward signs of maturation.
  • There are changes in the sex organs as the testes and the scrotum begin to grow. The scrotum becomes dark,thick and pendulous.The penis grows becoming longer and wider.There are Erections and wet dreams too as integral stages of male puberty.

Psychologically, the boy prefers independence and solitude. He should be allowed to experiment with his body and feelings.Success should be encouraged and failure should be presented as equally important in life, so that he develops respect and healthy perception for defeats and failures as well. Thus,the foundation stones for a solid personality development is lied.

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