Overbearing Parents and their Obsessive Children

Parenting is an art.It requires skills apart from a strong sense of responsibility.Stressing on one aspect alone of parenting neglecting others leads to serious personality disorders in our off-springs. This article is about the Overbearing Parents and their Obsessive children.

Who are Overbearing parents?

They are also called “activist parents” or “helicopter parents” because they constantly hover over their child. They are concerned beyond limit about everything their child does.

Demerits of Overbearing Parenting:

  • Constant presence of overbearing parents around them, make the children feel separated from their peer group.
  • They find it embarrassing later to meet or relate to their age group people.
  • As a consequence such children hesitate to mingle anymore with their friends and end up being alone.
  • This makes them introvert and sensitive  children soon develop tendencies of depression and low self-esteem.
  • They become anxious and obsessive Children requiring continuous help.
  • In teenage, an average teenagers experiments with the changes in his personality and tries to understand his feelings and nature from trial and error. they spend lot of time in solitude with their own self away from the presence of their parents.
  • But children of overbearing parents pass this very crucial stage of human development in the security of their parent’s presence and fight a tedious,frustrating and life long battle of identity crises.
  • Such children cannot develop a harmonious passion for the activities they like. It is because their parents never allowed them in past to figure out their interests on their own.
  • They remain very good in follow instructions all their lives.It’s a robot’s or DOG’S LIFE which overbearing parents ensure as the future of their children.

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