The Delayed Puberty in Boys

Delayed puberty is a frequent problem but affects boys more often than girls. This article tries to understand delayed puberty in boys.

What is Puberty?

It is the period in men’s life when he starts to develop from a boy to a man. Its onset, between the ages of 9 to 14, marks the beginning of Physical growth, Psychological changes and Sexual maturation.

How it begins?

Our human brain has a section called hypothalamus.It’s job is to produce a hormone called Gonadotropin-releasing hormone, GnRH.
This hormone makes the pituitary gland, present in the hypothalamus, to release a sex hormone called Luteinizing hormone, LH.
LH signals the testicles to start producing the testosterone. It is the male sex hormone.
The production of testosterone commences the biological changes in the body.

What is Delayed Puberty?

Puberty is said to be delayed when the boy crosses the age of 16 years and yet their are no signs of puberty.

What are the causes of delayed puberty?

The causes for delayed in puberty can be divided into two. They are:

General causes :

They are Constitutional delay of growth and puberty,under nutrition and chronic childhood diseases.

Specific causes :

They are related to under production of sex hormones like testosterones.

What are the effects of delayed puberty in boys?

  • It causes depression in boys.
  • The physical prowess is very important for the male sex in this age.
  • The physical contrast which the boy experiences with his friends leads to embarressment.
  • The physical immaturity due to delayed puberty is also leads to emotional and intellectual immaturity.

How to treat these patients?

Good nutrition ensures healthy body and mind.It is important for the boys of this group to be well nourished.If the delayed puberty is due to deficiency of sex hormone like testosterone, the physician can give the boy injection of Testoviron with small dose of it initially.However, the dose can be increased to it to 250mg every 4 weeks depending upon the severity of the deficiency of sex hormones.

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