Top 10 Mantras of Positive Parenting.

Parenting is a difficult task to say the least.This article is about the top 10 habits of positive parenting which parents can apply in the upbringing of their kids.

1.Learn from your mistakes:

We should be prepared to learn from our mistakes initially. It is because parenting is an on-going process.We will take tie to acquire the skills of parenting with time.Realizing this fact is the first step towards positive parenting.

2.Apply the lessons learnt to makes changes in parenting:

If we feel that your kid’s behavior is not up to your expectations, then it is time for you to change the atmosphere in the house by applying the lessons previously learnt.This is because change in the environment of the house,changes the kid’s behavior too. Changes in parenting styles is more frequent when we have to deal with teenagers.

3.You are your kid’s hero:

Kids personify the qualities they pick up from parents today. To see your kid to possess best of the virtues,we need to behave in a virtuous manner.

4.Spend time with your kid:

In the initial years of upbringing presence of parents around a kid is very important for his complete personality development in later years.

5.Ensure free communication between you and your kid:

Our kids will ask for explanation and we should be patient enough in explaining them in details, at least in the initial years.When they feel convinced, they learn the lesson and feel free to approach you later if they need to clarify a doubt.

6.Be observant and give compliment:

Children in their initial years need lot of encouragement from their parents.We should not wait for any big event to give a compliment to our kid.We should be observant and appreciate even smaller virtues developing in him as  well. This boost his confidence and he gets inspired to be more virtuous.

7.Show Unconditional love:

The kid should feel that his parents love him unconditionally.If he is loved and appreciated only when he behaves good or performs well, he develops the notion that the love his parents have for him are conditioned to he being nice always. This affects his natural state of childhood and can lead to depression easily when he fails to deliver.

8.Ensure a strong sense of Self-Esteem:

It is our responsibility that our child feels proud,confident and able enough to face life by our up-bringing.The small praises,appreciations and gifts that he receives over the years of his childhood later strengthen his self esteem.

9.Set Limits in Discipline and Be consistent with them:

The whole idea is to make the kid respect and realize the essence of a concept. Being assertive and harsh makes the kid learn what not to do strongly.What should be done remains unlearnt.

10.Keep moderate expectations:

In today’s competitive world, it is the expectations of the parents which is harming the kids more than the challenges placed before them.Giving them time,being supportive in the face of defeat,being patient and empathetic only ensure better performance from your child in later years.This is the golden rule of positive parenting.

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