Are You Battling with School Phobia in Your Child?

Your baby is grown up enough now to be joined in a school. But is it a cakewalk or another battle in the war called Parenting ? This article tries to understand

“School Phobia”

in children to make life easy of the parents.

Understanding School Phobia:

It has two stages.

Stage one:

  • It is encountered by the parents when it is the first day of their kid to the school.
  • The reasons here are most of the time obvious. The child for the first time learns that he has to be away from his house and his parents.
  • Sense of insecurity and anxiousness leads to fear.
  • If he is not guided properly at this stage, the fear turns into phobia.

Stage two:

  • It is rather an advanced stage of battle for the parents.
  • Because the possible reasons for their kid still suffering from this phobia are many.
  • The parents have to track down the reason and take appropriate steps to make their child get rid of this fear.

Steps to deal with School Phobia:

Stage one:

  • The reasons for the fear here are mostly known.The parents need to be aware,patient and sensitive to the child state of mind.
  • They need to ensure a sense of security in their kids mind.
  • Changes in life-style of the kid will get him used to schooling.
  • The child can be introduced to his teachers and reassured that he will be secure in their presence.
  • Parents should be in regular touch with the teachers to know about their child’s progress in getting adjusted to the new environment.
  • Even in holidays, his daily life activities should be like that of his school days.
  • Life in house should be made boring for him.This will make the child more eager to go to school.
  • Passage of time will make Schooling an integral part of his life.

Stage Two:

  • There are several reasons which are responsible for phobia in grown up kids.Some of them are being bullied,being unpopular among his peer group,fear of failure and being scared of his teachers.
  • The best possible and the tough way to learn the exactly reason however is to take and know from him.
  • The steps should be immediately taken to address the cause of the child’s fear.
  • It may include raising the self-esteem of the child,Loving him more with reassurances and regular compliments, working with his teachers closely, meeting his friends and studying their psyche.

It is important to know that though School Phobia is a temporary phase in the child’s life,

our intention and measures taken

should develop a healthy opinion about schooling in our child’s mind. We should be in touch with his experiences in school to make his

schooling further enjoyable and enriching for him


our active and persistent involvement.

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