Are You Aware of the Concept of Parent Teacher Communication?

Once we join our kid to school, a complacency sets in us.It is that the teachers will take care of our kid as part of their responsibilities.Though this belief provides a short term relief from our parental responsibilities, awareness and lack of involvement in parent teacher communication can be costly.This article enlists the benefits of timely communication between a parents and teachers.

Benefits of Parent Teacher Communication:

  • The

    child feels protected

    in the regular presence on his parents and teachers in school,making it his second home quickly.

  • It keeps us

    informed about

    our kid’s

    academic progress and behavioral changes

    .As a result we can plan appropriate parenting techniques at home.

  • It gives us a clear understanding about our child’s environment away from home.
  • It helps us

    come closer to the child’s state of mind

    while he expresses his experiences and requirements.

  • It makes us be aware on time about any abnormalities in our child’s growth.
  • We

    learn many unknown facts about our child

    based on the teacher’s observations.These facts prove handy in his proper grooming.

  • Parent teacher communication is a

    deterrent to


    child from lying

    to his parents or teachers.The scope of creating a misunderstandings between parents and teachers to avoid punishments is completely ruled out.

  • As time passes by,it builds a

    sense of discipline

    in the child.

Though our hectic life style demands do not allow us to spend much time on a particular activity,we need to


the significance of Parent teacher communication and prioritize it

as part of our parenting responsibility.

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