The Role of Extra Curricular Activities in Child’s Growth.

A Child’s growth involves simultaneous development in different facets of life. Parents mostly focus on a particular aspect of their child’s activities like academics.Lack of awareness is one of the primary culprits.This article is about the concept of Extra-curricular activities and its role in a Child’s growth.

What are Extra-curricular activities?

  • They are the activities the child gets involved into apart from his studies in the school auspices.
  • Sports,singing,dancing,debate,writing,participation in quiz competitions are some examples of such activities.
  • Based on the likes and dislikes of the child he should be encouraged to choose and participate in one or more such activities.

Advantages of Extra-curricular activities:

  • They keep the child physically and mentally fit.
  • They develop the spirit of sportsmanship in the child.The child learns to have healthy respect for defeats and setbacks.
  • They build self-confidence,positive attitude,ease to deal with challenges in life.
  • They act as a means to discover latent abilities in the child.
  • They act as a pre-cursor for the profession or the career the child is interested in.

Role of Parents and Teachers:

  • Most of the times the parents and teachers play their roles as individual contributors.
  • The child can get benefited when their parent teacher communication on regular basis.
  • Sharing their observations about the child can benefit them in their respective roles.
  • It boosts the moral of the child when he gets compliments from his parents and teachers simultaneously.

Though attention to Extra-curricular activities is an important facet of parenting, the trick lies in effectively

sticking a balance between the child’s academic and Extra-curricular activities

.Neither of them should suffer with the over emphasis on one.

Happy Parenting !!!

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