Top 10 ways to Toilet training your child

Toilet training is an important but stressful aspect of parenting.It is important because it is related to a daily life activity. It is stressful because of the lack of cooperation from the kid.This article tries to make the life easy for the parents trying to toilet train their kids.

1.Set examples:

The child learns by imitation.Teach him the mannerisms yourself.Siblings will be happy to be role models.However,the child learns faster from his peer groups.

2.Familiarity with equipments:

The child should be familiar with all the equipments of toileting like potty chair,the flush etc.

3.Increase awareness:

The child should feel the sensations and use the tiolet in prior.

4.Use specific terms:

Use specific terms to clearly represent actions.This aids the child in quickly learning what follows what.

5.Stress on Practice:

The child should be encouraged to practice after teaching him only once.

6.The terms “before” and “after”:

Stressing on the words “before” and “after” while explaining him the mannerisms,lets him learn faster.

7.Advantage of being trained:

Make the experience positive for him.He should enjoy the pleasure of being clean and dry without wet diapers and rashes.

8.Educate through books and videos:

Children learn more and faster from pictures and videos.


When the child learns to practice one habit after another of toileting,the parents should back his efforts with compliments.This raises his confidence and fasten the learning process.

10.Be patient about the results:

Make toilet training look as normal as any other aspect of parenting.Patient is imperative here.The child has to pass through the stages of familiarity and practice before learning the toilet mannerisms.

Happy Parenting !!!

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