Top 10 Ways to Fight Reticence in Your Child

Reticence is child mostly ignored these days by parents because of their hectic life style.Timely detection and addressing of the issue is imperative before the child’s psychology gets affected.Latest studies confirm depression in children as young as 3 years old.Here are some

tips to tackle reticence

in children.

Acknowledge the issue:

It should be realized that we have a problem at hand and it needs our immediate attention.Prioritize the child’s need over other priorities for a while.

Take some time out:

Our hectic and routine life style may not allow us to spend some quality time with our kid.This can be the sole reason for his reticent nature.


If it is not a temporary phenomenon,then we should take to the child with empathy.We should try to detect whether the problem is emotional or psychological by nature.

Do a back ground study:

Based on the leads provided by the child we should do some ground work.May be the atmosphere at home is not conducive or the child may be suffering from peer pressure at school.

Raise the Self-esteem:

We should build up his confidence on daily basis by complimenting himself for even smaller successes.

Family Outing:

It will be helpful for the child to recover from depression faster. Holidays are always enjoyed by kids.

Seek the help of Teachers:

As the child spends considerable amount of time under the observation of his teachers,a close communication between the parents and teachers is always handy in tackling any child problem.

Seek other resources:

In the present availability of resources on any topic is just a mouse click away.We should utilize the resources on parenting in internet.

Do not hesitate to consult child psychiatrist:

If the situation is serious and requires clinical guidenca or treatment, it is better that we start the process as early as possible in the interest of our child.

Encourage the child to socialize:

The child may mentally and emotionally healthy.Reticence may be part of his nature. It is still in the interest of the child to mingle with people. It helps him not to be shy among people in future.

Happy Parenting !!!

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