The Role of Wet Nurse in Mordern Times

A women is called a Wet nurse when she breast feeds a baby not her own.After the availability of artificial milk,there has been sharp decline in the number of wet nurses.This article tries to understand about the wet-nurse.

Why wet nurse were needed?

  • Death of the mother during child birth.
  • The mother of the baby suffered from illnesses like cancer.
  • Inability to produce sufficient milk owing to multiple child births.

The Present day Wet nurse:

  • In U.S., the wet nursing is considered child abuse by many.
  • It is found to be the reason for proving cultural squeamishness.
  • If a mother is unable to breast feed her child, there are other safe and healthy option available.
  • The marketing of artificial baby milk is quite successful here.
  • Presence of milk banks and expressed breast milk are the other sorted options rather than employing wet nurses.
  • Many people fear of spreading of HIV through the practice of Wet nursing.

Recommendations of World Health Organization on Baby Feeding:

According to the The World Health Organization recommendations,a baby should be fed in the following order of preference:

  • Breast milk,  Expressed Breast milk,
  • Donor breast milk from an accredited human milk bank,
  • Artificial baby milk, or infant formula.

The Future of Wet Nurse:

  • In the present day hectic life-style,the working mothers cannot find time to breast feed their babies.
  • Breast feeding can increase the fatigue of the working women.
  • Addiction,a rising trend in the working women make them incapable of breast feeding their child.

Since the benefits of breastfeeding are already known, the working women can find employing wet nurses as a viable option in near future.

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