How to Deal with Night Terrors in Children?

15% of younger children experience Night terrors.They are common among chilgren of the age-group 2-6 yrs.This article tries to understand about night terrors in children.

What are night terrors in children?

  • The scientific term for night terrors in children is pavor nocturnus.
  • It is a state when the child experiences shock,fear and confusion together.
  • It can typically last from 5-30 minutes.
  • The child feels helpless and cannot the recognize people(mostly parents), trying to console him.
  • The deep sense of shock makes it difficult for the parents to easily comfort him.

What are reasons behind night terrors in children?

  • It is an arousal disorder involving panic and loud scream.
  • The brain is stuck between an intermediate stage of sleep and awakening.
  • The primary reason for night terrors is fatigue in children.
  • Depression and emotional stress are important factors of night terrors in recent times in children.

How deal with night terrors in children?

  • The child should be given sufficient amount of rest amidst all his daily life activities.
  • Sensitive children prone to depression and stress are to be handle with extra care and empathy.
  • It is found that night terrors mostly occur 1 to 4 hours after the child goes to sleep.
  • The parents can keep track of the exact time of night terror and wake the child from sleep in prior.
  • Children care takers can be kept aware about the time of night terror by parents.
  • The frequency of night terrors reduce with age.

Happy parenting !!!

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