Daydreaming in Kids – Over Rated Or Over Looked ?

Kids involved in Daydreaming are shunned by parents and teachers.It is because daydreaming has several harmful effects on the child’s psychological development.But the term may be over rated or over looked.

How the term is Over Rated ?

  • A child involved in this activity is lost in his own world.
  • Lack of attention can cause physical damage to him especially on roads.
  • This worry keeps the child’s parents on toes and after him.
  • Not paying concentration to the lessons at school costs the child heavy academically.
  • This activity can lead to aloofness from his friend.
  • The Child can be physically inactive and mentally stressed.
  • Reticence can lead to depression.

The list can go on and on when consulted with a child specialist.But are we carried away by the negative side of this activity? Are we aware of

the postive side of daydreaming

? Do you have it in us to allow this activity in a limited scale?We can’t forget the examples of Mozart and Einstein.There childhood always can’t be a matter of laughing stock.

How the term is Over Looked?

  • The human brain has two hemispheres.The left and the right.
  • The left hemisphere deals with activities like logic,reasoning and analysis.
  • The right hemisphere deals with creativity and imagination.
  • Learning of a child truly means a balanced nurture of both the halfs of the brain.
  • The school curriculum and syllabus does involve activities like drawing,painting and other creative activities.
  • But no other activity is as effective as daydreaming to trigger the imagination of the child.
  • When the activity is encouraged in a time bound and limited manner under proper guidence,it does wonders to the creative aptitudes in the child.

Happy Parenting !!!

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