Motivating Kids to Do Well in School

It is a tough task to join our kid in pre-school. After enjoying couple of days of relief,it is parenting time again. This time our task is to motivate our child to do well in school.This article tries to gain insight in to this aspect.

The Challenges to Face in Motivating Kids:

  • Adaptability:

    The child needs time to get used to schooling first.

    Staying away from parents and home

    for an extending period of time needs adaptability.

  • Be Observant:

    The child will display a particular

    quality latent in him, any time

    .Observing his mannerisms are key here.It takes a lot to remain focused on him always.Take small breaks or share this task with your spouse and take turns.

  • The Act of Balancing:

    This is a tough task.Ideally,the kid

    should fair well in all aspects

    of schooling.Not allowing him to do something which he likes can turn him rebellious.

  • It needs Time

    : Our hectic life style do not provide us the luxury to spend more time on a particular activity.But like any other aspects of parenting,motivating kids too needs



Tips to Motivate the Kid:

  • Generating interest in Schooling:

    To do well in school,the child should like the place first.Motivate him to follows the

    daily time-table

    even on holidays

    . We make him accustomed to schooling life in this way.Generating interest in schooling is just a matter of time then.

  • Compliments and Accessories:

    Motivating kids with compliments and accessories from time to time can generate a lot of interest in them about schooling activities.

  • Be Innovative:

    To strike a balance between all his potentials,motivate him to do those things more which he believes he is second best at.Slowly

    replace his environment

    with articles which promote his growth in other areas.

  • Take some Time out:

    Visit his school from time to time.The child observes his parents and teachers meet.This builds a sense of homeliness and comfort in the child.He quickly learns to be normal in school as he is at home.This naturally motivates him to do well in school before his peer group and teachers.

Happy Parenting !!!

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