Disciplining a Down Syndrome Child

Down Syndrome is a rare disease.1 in 800 babies get this problem.It is a disease which cannot be prevented,yet.It can be detected early however.Parents of such special children should mentally prepare themselves for parenting.This article tries to learn disciplining a Down Syndrome Child.

What is Down Syndrome?

  • It is a condition where the child has slow growth rate.
  • This disability can be detected during pregnancy.
  • A child acquires 23 chromosomes each from his parents normally.
  • If there is disparity in the number of these chromosomes,the child gets Down Syndrome.
  • The reasons for the disparity in the sharing of the chromosomes is not known yet.

Challenges Before the Birth of the Child:

  • Though birth of a healthy child is a special feeling,parents in this case should keep their expectations low.
  • They should mentally prepare themselves for the uphill task of disciplining a special child.
  • Empathy and Patience should be developed as it is imperative in parenting the child.

A Down Syndrome Child

Disciplining a Down Syndrome Child :

  • After the child’s birth,parents should learn to value their child.Focus should be shifted from the child’s disabilities to the joy of parenthood,though it is hard humanly.
  • They should realize primarily that their child is different,but not inferior.It is their responsibility to make the child an independent and able human, with answers for all his needs.
  • They should learn about the slow growth rate of the child.Unlike other parents,they cannot predict the growth of their child.
  • After getting used to the growth rate,parents should learn not to compare their child with the other children.This will be detrimental to their moral and for the parenting of the child.
  • For a special child,his behaviors are his mode of communication to express his needs.The parents should duly acknowledge such signs while disciplining the kid.
  • Coercion should be replaced by presenting choice in disciplining such children.Parents need innovation in parenting here.

Hope that the above facts and qualities of a Down Syndrome Child would prove handy while disciplining him.

Happy Parenting !!!

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