What is Lockjaw Disease?

According to a survey,

82% of toddlers aged between 19-35 months are vaccinated for Lockjaw

annually in U.S.This disease is commonly known as Tetanus.The threat to the babies from this disease is very less in America.However,awareness about the very common Lockjaw disease in the newborns is very handy for the first time mothers.

Tetanus Vaccination

Top 10 things to know about Lockjaw disease are:

1.The symptoms of this disease are stiffness in jaw,neck and abdomen,fever and infection in the throat.



of this disease is

present all over


3.This bacteria


in an un vaccinated body though


caused by cuts and wounds.

4.It takes at least

eight days

for the symptoms to appear from infection.

5.Un vaccinated people develop breathing problem,stiffness in the body muscles,high blood pressure,coma and pneumonia.Death takes place because of severe difficulty in breathing and abnormal heart beats.


Tetanus toxoid

is the name of the vaccination of this disease.Three shots of this vaccine is to be taken.

7.Babies born after 1st Jan 2005 in New York State are required to have three shots of this vaccine.

8.It is

highly recommended that children

of all age group have at least one shot of this vaccine as a protective measure.

9.It is


to take the three series vaccine shots

after every 10 years for adults


10.Widespread Immunization program has made this disease

rare in babies


Prevention is better than cure,but

Awareness is the BEST


Happy Parenting !!!

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