Top 10 Child Rearing Lessons from Mother Nature

A Mother can learn from Mother Nature many lessons of parenting.This article tries to cherish some of the lessons mothers can learn in the role of a gardener.

Mother Nature

Top 10 Child Rearing Lessons we can learn from Mother Nature are:

1. A gardener removes the weeds:

Like a gardener we should believe in removing the weeds often than wishing of smelling the roses.Enjoy your parenting with a positive attitude.

2. Take pride in your Garden:

Admiring is other’s child is fine.But be proud of your off spring first.

3. Know your Plant:

Certain plants grow well in sun shine.Others need darkness to thrive.Similarly,know your child’s requirements.and nourish him accordingly physically,Mentally and emotionally.

4. Look where the water stagnates in the garden:

Don’t compare your child with others.Know his limitations and work on them.Allow him to blossom naturally.A good gardener ensures proper watering of plants individually.

5.Keep the weeds out:

A gardener is alert and cautious of the weeds in the garden.A mother should always be alert of the friends of her child.They have a profound influence on him outside his house.

6.Winter is different from spring season:

A gardener has special plans to take care of his plants in winter and spring season.Likewise,the child needs special attention during his flourishing and testing times.

Parenting and Gardening

7.Weed or flower, a matter of perception:

Sometimes a rare quality in a child is treated as his short coming.A little attention to it and our child may be a prodigy.

8.Yes,your hands will be dirty:

Without messing with the mud,a garden is a fantasy.In the same way,Parenting also involves times of highs and lows.

9. A gardener is aware of new techniques:

A mother has to deal with the generation gap issue tactically.

10.Plants can be annual and seasonal two:

Do not expect much returns from your children.You nurture them in to complete individuals.Later it is upon them to take care of their parents in old age or appear occasionally in the old age homes.

Happy Parenting !!!

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