Kids Bath Time Tips

Bath time

of a kid is blissful time that every parent wants to share. It is the culture that the baby is given bath with several oils, powders, soaps etc. Bath time is crucial as it needs extreme caution and even a small carelessness could cost much more.

Here are few precautionary tips that make your kids bath delightable:

  • Keep all the supplies like soaps, oils, towels, powders etc in the bathroom before you take your kid into the bathroom. Switch off your cell phones and other noisy things that may disturb your attention during the bath. Make sure that you are focussed on child as leaving your baby unsupervised even for a minute can be dangerous.
  • Make sure that your bathroom floor is not slippery as this can lead to injuries. The comfortable temperature of bathroom is around 75 degrees F. It can be above that but not less than that as the lower temperatures can make the child chilled out quickly.
  • The ideal temperature of water is 90 to 100 degrees F. It is better to make it cooler but not very hot. Children have delicate skin and very hot water can harm their skin. Before pouring the first mug of water test the temperature of the water on your wrist.
  • Never fill the bath tub above the level of your child’s waist while he’s sitting down. Higher the level of water, more is the chance of drowning.
  • Teach your kid to sit, not stand, in the tub. Tell the kid not to get out of the tub to get something as he may slip over and fall.
  • See the safety of the bath tub. A tub with rubber bath mat outfitting can give more secure seating for your child. A cushioned spout cover can give extra protection to your child’s health. Make sure that the bath tub is not very slippery.
  • Do not allow your child to sit in soap-filled water for a long time as it can cause rashes on the delicate skin. Prolong exposure to bath oils and bubbles can lead to urinary tract infection in children. It is best to have the playtime at the beginning of the bath and save the soap and shampoo for the end.
  • Donot allow your child to touch the faucet handles and keep all the electic appliances such as hair dryers and curling irons away from him and his bathing tub.

So have a great bathing time with kids!!!

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