Coping with Miscarraige


is a devastating experience. All the dreams that the couple weave are shattered. It is a very personal experience that cannot be expressed in words. It can be intense based on the bond shared with the unborn child. In this article we give some tips to cope up with miscarriage.

What is miscarriage:

Medical encyclopedia defines miscarriage as loss of an embryo before the 20th week of pregnancy. After 20th week of gestation the miscarriage is known as stillbirth. Medical term for miscarriage is Spontaneous Abortion .
Coping up with miscarriage can made easy if certain

myths about miscarriage are dispelled.

Fortunately or unfortunately,

miscarriages are very common

and approximately 20% of pregnancies (one in five) end in miscarriages and still births. More than that, many women not even realize that they are miscarrying and many do not seek medical care when it occurs. So it is NOT the earth-quacking-or-sky-falling event in human life.

One more good thing is that

90% of women

who have had miscarriage have a normal pregnancy in near future and subsequent healthy baby. Even after two miscarriages

60% of women

can have health baby. And hold on.. Women who has three miscarriages in row still has more than

50% chance

of conception and healthy baby for the fourth time. So there is nothing to be very scary about it.

As far as emotional aspects of the miscarriage are concerned the feeling of sadness is common as the hormone levels in the body falls drastically, magnifying feelings of depression. But with time, in a few weeks, all that fades away and normalcy is regained. So it takes time to get above the hang-over.

Coping up with miscarriage depends on individual perspective. It also depends on the gestational age of the baby and the bonding. Many do not get related to baby until it fully grown and yet few have high feelings at the primitive age of conception.

Women get effected more as the feeling of guilt appear in them spontaneously. The feeling of

‘It was my fault’

drives them mad. In this case they should approach doctor and get counselled on the true cause of the miscarriage. Generally it is seen that miscarraiges happens due to chromosomal abnormalities for which no one can be held repsonsible. So the feeling of guilt can be minimized if she is counselled properly on the issue.

Miscarriage can be coped up easily if one has a positive outlook over it. One can seen the Divine intervention in it and leave on God with faith that it was all for the better since something must have been wrong with the baby. God must have reason to do that. After all who is one to give birth, only God is giver of birth. The Bible states:

God validates a child as a person from the beginnings of life in the womb (Jeremiah 1:5).

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