How to Guide a Child Prone to School Bullying


is abusing by hitting, excluding, name-calling which hurts the another person. In schools the situation is very common when some indisciplined child bullies your child and your child feels pathetic about it. This article gives you tips to guide your child to deal bullying.

First of all you should know from the behavior of your child that he is bullied. Generally children do not tell to parents about the school bullying out fear that speaking out may provoke further torture.

  • Some signs such as avoiding school for non-specific reasons, poor grades in school and aggressive behavior can show that your child is being bullied. Once you notice this, with care and love ask him the problem. Make him trust you so that he can openly tell what happened in the school.
  • Listen carefully

    what the child says. Make a note who is bullying and to what extent. This can help you to address while parent-teacher meetings in the school. Now guide the child how not to take part or be a victim of bullying.

  • First of teach your child to

    make a good friend.

    A friend who is trustworthy. Teach him how to be a good friend so that he could get one.

  • Once your child gets a good friend then teach how to avoid or ignore the children who bully him. Teach him to be strong and assertive towards that child, but at the same time not to pick up quarrels with other children.
  • Teach your child

    social skills.

    Show him how to behave with elders and his age group children.

  • Teach him to look positive side of everything. Let him see the what he can learn from all this.
  • Ask your child to be polite and honest to all the children. In this way teach him

    how to influential

    among his group.

  • Make him learn the quality of appreciating others and expressing gratitude to elders. In this way your child will be a hero and it will be like a slap-on-the-face for the child who is bullying your child.
  • Teach child to trust himself and

    keep up his self esteem.

    Show his achievements and postive things in him. Say him that you love him and your child means whole world to you. By this your child will never fall victim of inferiority complex.

Try to implement these tips. If nothing works go to school and solve out the problem. Do this as soon as possible because the child will trust you more. He will be proud to be a child of a caring parent. Your child courage will increase and his relationship with you will be strong.

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