Child Tantrums Tips

Dealing children is a difficult job. Especially when the child throws anger tantrums. Tantrums are the ways adopted by children

to express anger and frustration.

Some may also use that as

a tool to gain attention

and to manipulate people. This article give few tips to deal with the child in such state of mind.

Here are few tips to deal child tantrums:

  • You should note that when the child is throwing tantrum then he/she is really furious. It is important that

    you be calm and stay firm and in control.

    Do not yell or spank. It is better if you can be silent for some time and let the child finish his job.

  • Once he is done isolate him. Try to slow down him with sweet words.

    Ask him the reason for his behaviour

    . If the child is still restless leave him alone for some more time.

  • Start your questionnaire session when you feel that child can answer. Try to explain him how you felt when he threw the tantrum. This will make your child feel his mistake.
  • Try to sort out his problem smoothly. Do not punish the child or do anything that hurts him.
  • Do not allow him to go in the state of inferiority complex.

    Do not compare with other children

    and harm his tender feelings. Praise his unique qualities and this can have positive impact on his personality.

  • If you find that your child is in need of attention and that is the reason for his tantrum then promise him that you give him the needed attention in the future. Take a vow from from him that he will never repeat the tantrum for this reason.
  • Check out the deficiencies in your parenting. Take positive steps to avoid this behaviour in your child. Some of them are:
    • Try spening some relaxed time with your child
    • Give positive feedback to your child on all the good things he does.
    • Let him know whatever you do for him and make him feel that you love him
    • Give him room to explore his like and dislikes.

Be patient and good luck in parenting!!!

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