All That You Should Know About a Baby Carrier

Baby carrier

is a device made to make the transportation of baby easy and comfortable for both parents and the baby. They are broadly classified into two types: One, that are wore on the body and the other type is pushable vehicles.
Baby carriers that are wore on the body are of five types:

pouches, ring slings, wraps, mei tai and front pack or back packing styles.

Pushable vehicles are called by several names such as

carriages, perambulator, prams, strollers and pushchairs.

They can be of three or four wheels.

Here are few things to ask yourself while choosing the baby carrier:

  • How old is your baby?
  • How is your baby’s body built up?
  • Are you the only one using the baby carrier?
  • Are you going to spent some time for the adjustments of baby carrier?
  • Are you patient enough to maintain the baby carrier?
  • How do you plan to carry the baby in sling?

Once you decide the above questions, you need to decide whether you choose to front carry or back carry your child.

Some of the advantages of front carrying is that you can use once the baby meets the minimum weight requirement. The baby can be seen clearly and breastfeeded as required.

Backcarrying can be the easiest way to carry your child but it not suitable from birth. Moreover, you cannot see your child.

Here is how you can ensure your baby’s comfort:

  • Hold you baby close in against your body. Your body should support the right along the length of the spine of baby.
  • For newborns use the baby carriers in cradle position so that the baby can recline in the sling.
  • Baby carriers that allow baby to spread legs ensure the comfort of the baby. However, for heavier babies wide legged position is comfortable.

Here is how you can ensure your comfort:

  • You will be comfortable if the baby’s weight is held high as well as close against your body.
  • Usage of broad straps can help you to distribute your baby’s weight evenly across your back. You can be comfortable in this position.
  • Do not use the carriers that hang from your shoulders. They can be uncomfortable when worn for some time.
  • If you plan to walk for long time with baby then use the sling with a waist or hip belt. This will redistribute the weight of your baby and make you carry the baby easily

So happy carrying your baby with baby carrier!!

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