Take a ‘Babymoon’ Before the Baby is Out!


is the vacation or pre-birth getaway taken by a couple expecting their first baby in near future. This is a trip that the couple can enjoy before many sleepless nights that they face after delivering the baby.

Babymoon is coined from the traditional term ‘honeymoon, that is used to refer the trip taken to celebrate a new marraige. The term got acceptance in 1996, when the book The Year After the Childbirth by Sheila Kitzinger became popular.

Many resorts and holiday spots are supporting babymoons these days. The packages of babymoon come with exquisite luxury and optimum pampering. They are designed to provide the perfect setting for couples to relax and reconnect themselves before entering parenthood.

There are many benefits of Babymoon:

  • It can be memorable vacation in your life to remember the life before you two of them become three.
  • It helps to bond closly with your spouse and understand each other feelings more intimately.
  • It helps to make commitments for the upcoming responsible role of parenthood.
  • Some babymoon centers give workshops with with classes on several aspects of parenting such as diet, fitness, psychology of pre- and postnatal life for both moms-to-be and dads-to-be. This can be really very helpful at this stage.
  • Pregnancy massages and spas provided by the resorts can enhance the health of moms-to-be.

So if you are expecting child and need rejuvenation from the daily life this is the perfect time for babymoon.

Take a babymoon before the baby is out!!

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