Father’s Day History

Father’s day

is the celebrations of fatherhood and male parenting. It is celebrated in complement to Mother’s day to commemorate and honor fathers for their love and care towards children.

Father’s Day is celebrated on different days worldwide. It ranges from late February to November. But the intent and the spirit of the celebration remains the same.

History of Father’s Day:

Father’s Day was inaugurated in the early twentieth century in 1910. It was first observed on

19th June 1910

by Sonora Dodd of Spokane, Washington.

Sonara Smart Dodd was raised by her father, William Jackson Smart, after her mother died in her tender age. One day she was listening to a Mother’s Day discourse at the Central Methodist Episcopal Church at Spokane. She could not relate that to her. Seeing this she complemented her father and wanted to show her feelings towards him by dedicating a day for him. She tried to prove that father’s are also very special to children as much as mothers.

By Sonara’s efforts the first Father’s day was celebrated on June 19 which was the birthday of her father. This was in the year of 1910. She was the first to plead for the official Father’s Day observance to honor all fathers.

A National Father’s Day Committee was formed in 1926 in New York city. It also got recognition by a Joint resolution of Congress in 1956. Support for celebration of Father’s Day grew all over the US. In 1966 President Lyndon Johnson declared Father’s Day as official holiday. Finally in 1972, President Richard Nixon declared the third Sunday of June as a permanent national observance of Father’s Day.

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