How to Make Your Child Polite


is a virtue. As a parent don’t you feel that your child should be polite and mannerly?

From home to school room, from playground to workplace, politeness can help child to built healthy relationship and make friends. This also helps elders to have a loving relationship with the child. This article focuses on being a parent how can you inculcate politeness in your child.

Here are few guidlines that help you to make your child polite:

  • Actions speak louder than words. You cannot expect child to

    be polite

    until you yourself are polite. There may be situations when you may act in elderly way but do not show this to your child.

  • Go to your child room at the night and

    tell stories featuring politeness and gentleness.

    Teach him how to behave gentleness and justly by speaking kind words.

  • Make him learn words like

    ‘Please,’ ‘Sorry’ and ‘Thank you.’

    Show him how nice it feels when he uses these words in his daily speech.

  • Keep an eye on his association. Do not allow him to associate with children who bad mouth and are with bad etiquette.
  • Teach him how to prepare ‘Thank you notes’ for the gifts that he receives. Involve him in give and take policies. This mutual exhange of love will make him empathetic and sensible to others feelings.
  • Always keep him in high spirits. This helps him to grasp whatever you are saying and whatever you are doing.
  • Teach them basic manners from the tender age. Table manners and toilet manners are very important thing to be taught to the child.
  • You can improve your child’s social skills by including him in social events. Take your child to family gatherings and parties and see how he mingles with other children. All this provides a workshop for your child to learn how to be polite.
  • Give good examples and reminders to keep up his politeness. Inspire him by relating with your own life’s experience. This will increase his confidence.
  • Teach him how to forgive. If you find your child impolite at sometime correct him then and there. But remember to forgive him. This will help to learn the art of forgiving.
  • Last but not least: have patience. It takes time to get politeness into the blood of your child. Keep your child positive and be positive. Soon many will compliment you saying: Oh! Your child is so polite.

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