How to Prepare Your Child for Kindergarden

Probably the first day of kindergarden is most challenging day for parents as your little one is out to school. Sometimes you are exicted and sometimes nervous. In this article we give few tips to make your child ready for the milestone of entering the kindergarden.

Following are useful tips to prepare your child for school:

  • Start early:

    Start the preparation early. Once you take the admission in the school, take all the information about it and start baising your child.

  • Teach him to write names:

    Make him practice writing his name, father’s name, mother’s names, school name etc. This will prepare your child for first few days of the school.

  • Keep saying positive:

    Do not let your child to get frightened of school. Keep saying positive things about going to school. Tell him what are the benefits of going school.

  • Encourage independence:

    Leave your child for sometime so that he gets habituated to live without you in school. But make sure that your child feels protected.

  • Teach him the basics:

    Teach your child to go to toilet. Teach basic things before hand like how to dress and undress and how to put on shoes and coats etc.

  • Teach him to greet:

    Your child should know how to greet teachers, principal and other students in the school. Allow your child to play with children of his age. This will help him in school.

  • Get you child acquainted:

    Buy all the kindergarden stuff like slates, crayons, scissors, school uniform a week before the first day of the school. Let the child get acquainted to the accessories of the school.

  • Be empathetic:

    See that you understand the feelings of your child. Get involve with his preparation. Allow him to speak. Chuck out all his fear by love and care.

All the best for the first day of your child’s schooling!!

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  1. From 3 years old children start to see and understand the relations between things, and mentally imagining things that are not directly visible. In this way they develop their imagination. The child has the opportunity to become indipendent from the adult to become master of himself and master of his environment. The age from 2 1/2-6 years is considerd as the most important age for the child. These is the age of absorbent mind. To prepare the child for kindergarden we should introduce the child with individualized learning, increase child’s curiosity, desire to play with other children and enjoy himself.

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