Colic in Newborn Worries Parents

Colic is a disconsolate crying, generally crying in healthy babies begin in the first month and disappears in the beginning of the fourth month. Any child suffering from colic starts crying in the evening and goes on through out night. This may be a little distraction to the people around.

There are few possibilities of your baby crying

  • The baby wants to suck her fingers, though she is not hungry
  • Baby getting bored and needs stimulation
  • Baby getting restless and wants to sleep
  • Baby cries when she feels hungry, and she wants to be fed.
  • Sometimes the baby gives you a sign to hold her.

There are three schools that feel certain things about colic, and they are:

One school feels that the immature immune system in the infants is not capable of handling the everyday situations. A weak nervous system will lead to severe pain to your baby, while you holding him.

The second school says that the baby starts crying because of the abdominal pain, it is also observed that babies pass gas while crying. Simethicone and change in mothers diet for breastfed babies and change in formula food for the bottle fed babies is required to treat colic

The third school relates the babies crying to the style of communicating, she starts crying when she is in need of something, and if her need is not fulfilled, she cries inconsolably.

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