Let Your Kids Win At Games

Most parents end up loosing games to make their kids take the victory. But on the other end, there are few people, who say that, they will never lose a game just to make their kids win. Instead they will try hard to win the game, because they feel that ‘loosing is an opportunity to motivate, encourage and improve one’s skills on the game.

Loosing may calm down your kid, but it will provoke him to learn from his mistakes, master the game and encourages him to win the next game he plays.

Some parents say that, winning or losing the game depends on the social skills, temperament and the age of the kid. Children learn more from what you do, but not from what you say. So you also need to win games over your child, to let him know that, winning a game is important.

Loosing Gracefully

It is sometimes good to loose a game with your child, as he feel delighted and happy. Younger kids often face a tough time loosing a game, and for them noting is bad than loosing a game.

Fact about Loosing

Few parents likes their children to be challenged, as they will strive to give their best. Loosing and winning is a part of the game. We never know who wins and who loses, the game is surely the one’s, who has put in the best efforts.

Stick to the Rules

Whether you choose to win or lose the game, stick to the rules. Rules are the parameters set for everybody in the game. Firstly try teaching the rules to your kid, because it is very important to follow the rules in a game. If your kid is not taught about the rules of the game, there are chances that, he may foul play the game all the time.

Teaching the art of flexibility to your child, will help him achieve his goals with his own pace.

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