How To Become Expert In Adolescent Development

Adolescent development is very important to understand for a parent, as it acquires social, physical, emotional and cognitive skills in adolescents to lead a life. Development takes place, when a person reaches to twenties and during the process, your child experiences a drastic change based on environment, temperament and age.

There is a process through which a teen develops, it includes five factors and they are

  • Physical
  • Cognitive
  • Social
  • Sexual
  • Emotional

Most parents are often not aware of the synchronization among these factors, In fact there is no proper Synchronization between these development factors. A teen may be perfect in one area and imperfect in another. This kind of situation will arouse confusion in the parents and the behaviour of the teen becomes difficult to understand.

Tips for parents

Physical Development

Teens are self-conscious about the physical changes in their body, do not embarrass them by comparing to their friends or pals.

Cognitive Development

Never force your teen to do anything, Give them opportunities to make decisions and choices on their own. Assure them a safety environment.

Social Development

Always support and encourage them whenever required. Introduce them to new friends and give them proper guidance.

Sexual Development

It is very important to teach them about sex, because this is the time, when they experience various changes in them and in the surrounding as well. Discuss about the values and emotional aspects of a sexual relationship.

Emotional Development

Teens are very emotional, compared to the adults. At times they feel lonely and breakout tears, when they feel emotionally high. He/she will feel good, if a parent sits beside him/her and share their feeling for sometime.

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