Parenting In The Electronic Age

The fast growing electronic world is showing lot of negative impact on the children. The desires and needs of the young one’s are changing as per the age. It is no surprise, when you you see a four year old kid operating a computer.

Seeing your four year old kid operating a system, actually makes you feel proud and happy. But Internet is a huge medium, which has a great impact on the users. This evokes worry in the parents, as there are chances for your kid to misuse it.

It is obvious that a parent wants to protect his/her child from the web impact. Parents are afraid that their children will get exposed to various sexually explicit materials and give their personal details to the strangers.

The following are few tips, on how to protect your children from getting exposed to harmful material:
Help them in building technical skill.

If there is no computer at your home, you can take your child to a cyber cafe and can teach him how and what to browse.

  • Get involved with your kid.
  • Place your computer in the living room, so that you can monitor, what your kid is browsing.
  • Find out your kids interest and what they are looking for.
  • If your child is too young to use Internet, restrict him from using it.
  • Set guidelines and limits to your child, like how you do with the television.
  • Ask them for what purpose they want to use the Internet.

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