Parenting Techniques

Parenting throws up a lot of new challenges in every step of a child’s growth. Every parent has to deal with a troublesome or a challenging situation. Understanding your children and giving them their personal space is effective for successful parenting. But how much space do I give my children? How do I lay down the rules? How do I assert that I’m still in charge? These are questions that a lot of parents are faced with at some point in life. Following a few simple and effective parenting techniques would help you and your children gel well and avoid those arguments, tears and heartache.

Dealing with children and effective parenting techniques are something which differs individually. What works for one parent may not work for someone else. Is there a scope for change?? Yes, the idea is to eliminate all the roadblocks that come in the way of effective parenting.

A few important points that would help in effective parenting are:

Spending time together

Quality time spent with parents matters a lot to children. Most parents are busy with work or their social life and tend to miss out on spending time with their children. This makes the children feel neglected and uncared. Plan your time carefully and take time out for your children. Convey the same to your children. If you promise to take your child to a Baseball game, then make sure you do not miss it. Spending time also builds or strengthens love and the bond between you and your children.

Mutual Respect

Try to be accommodative and open to your child’s ideas. If you do not agree on certain points then do not reject it downright. Try and reason it out with your child. Once your children feel that their ideas are being appreciated, it boosts up their confidence. They start respecting you for respecting them.
If your child scored an A grade in school, appreciate it. It may mean nothing to you. But it means the world to the child.


Trust is an important factor in any relationship. It also applies to a parent-child relationship. Children tend to do things that are wrong. For example, stealing cookies or stealing money without your knowledge. This does not mean that your child will continue doing it again and again. Explaining the implications of their actions and being harsh sometimes can do the job. But it does not always work. Counselling and getting to the root of the problem gives results. Learn to trust your children. They may break it a few times but in the end they will learn to keep up the trust.

Reasonable Rules

Being authoritative and too harsh on children may not always work. In most of the cases it has the opposite effect. You lay down rules to discipline your children. Children take it as a sign of hatred and hostility. Be reasonable with rules. Give in to some of your child’s demands at times and reward them for good behaviour.

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