Temporary Child Custody: Custody Guidelines

If you are a parent and want to separate from your spouse, then one of the most important thing that you need to plan is how you will continue to care for your child or children. Parents separation can be a major cause for a family confusion and complication. Now, you can sort some of these confusions and chaos by planning a temporary child custody. Well, here are some following guidelines for a temporary child custody.

  • First thing that should be decided, if the children will stay back in their present home or move out along with one of the parents. This usually depends on the reasons of separation.
  • Usually, guidelines suggests that the children stays back in their own home and own room. In case, if a child is very close to the parent who is moving out, can move with him or her. If a couple is not going for a divorce then they should not disrupt the stable life of the children. But if the couple is waiting for a divorce, then during the temporary custody period they should help the child to adjust with the new circumstances.
  • If one of the parent has to leave behind children on another parents custody, then he or she must do it gradually and not at once. This will not upset the child and will also make him adjust with the situation. This is a good idea when you are uncertain about a permanent separation.
  • Parents should have continious communication and involvement with the children during this time. They should never abandoned their children at this point of time, as they need you the most during this disruptive period.

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