Children Custody Between Unmarried Parents

Today with the rise of unstable marriages, relationships crisis, and divorce, more and more children are born to a single mom. The reasons behind this can be either divorce or the woman’s decision to be a single parent.

These several issues like problematic marriages, divorce and couples staying together without a legal marriage make an adverse effect in the children’s life. In many cases, some couple decide to abandon their illegally born infants, which makes the child alone in the world. In some case, when a single mother enters in a new married relationship, she tend to neglect the child due to children that arises from the new relationship.

A traditional family structure provides a child with a stable and healthy life to grow. The child brought up in this kind of environment, usually grow up into a responsible adult and a citizen. Thus disruptive, changing and unfriendly environment will affect an individual’s growing process both financially and emotionally.

Custody battles among both the parents usually arise, when they decide to separate legally. Generally trials are same for both married and unmarried parents. Most of the cases, it’s the mother that gets the child custody by law. This is due to mother being the primary care taker. There are rare cases when father gets the child custody on the grounds of financial stability or mother being unfit.

A family court never support the idea of nannies taking care of babies. If in case both the father and mother have taken equal care of the bay, then the parents are given a joint custody.

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