Unmarried Fathers Rights Child Custody

If a child is born to unmarried parents, then with the mother, the father also retains some amount of legal rights on the child. Usually different states have different laws regarding the situation. But mostly have common and similar laws. As soon a person is declared as the father of a child, the person has all the rights that a married father retains. Well, if an unmarried father wants his rights related to his child, then it is essential that he should establish himself as the father of the child.

Father’s status

There are certain grounds which need to be meet for establishing yourself to be the father of the child. Example, your name must be included in your child’s birth certificate, if the court determines you to be the father of the child, if your wife refer you in an affidavit as the father of your child etc.

Custody of the child

An unmarried father has the same and equal right for the child custody as a married father has. Now the custody can be either full-time or shared custody with child’s mother. Unmarried parents should decide and come to an agreement related to their child custody. If the father want the sole custody of his child, then he should file a petition in the court regarding this. He should also produce and give enough reasons for why he will be given the child’s custody.


An unmarried father has the right to child visitations, after he is been prooved as the legal father. Usually problems emerge when the father do not have child’s custody and tend to spend whole day with the child. In this case the father and the mother can sort out the problem buy a mutual agreement or the father can file a petition in a family court to provide him with child visitation.

Child support

If the father is recognized as the legal father of the child, then he has to provide with child support. It can be also mutually shared by both the unmarried father and mother, but in case in any disagreement, the court has to intervene into the matter.

Miscellaneous rights

There are other rights that an unmarried father gets after he is declared as the legal father like, child’s schooling issues, medical decisions and other various parenting rights.

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