How to get Emergency Child Custody?

An emergency change leads to an appeal of emergency child custody. Situations that leads to this type of emergency appeal for a child custody, is usually a serious issues like harm or threat towards the child’s well being. But in few cases it can be the result of harm and threats to a parent.

First and foremost, you should have some emergency situation. Usually a family court take emergency custody seriously. There can be various reasons for appealing a emergency custody, but at the end it should be a serious and actual threat or harm to the child.

Consult a clerk in the locality to get a good understanding of the process of emergency child custody. It is very essential to consult a clerk as the proceedings and laws may vary from state to state. Do a little bit of research and reading by your own other than fully depending on your attorney.

If you have gone to another state due to emergency, then you can file a petition in that court for an emergency custody. But remember your original court will always play the primary role in taking judgement. In this situation your new court may be allowed to take a temporary decision.

So, file a quick petition in case of an emergency, as these type of cases are handled and given hearing immediately. Try to collect all your proof and evidences, so that you can convince the family court judge, about the necessity and severity of the situation.

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